Best Kettlebell Brands

Best Kettlebell Brands

cogs Gear  Best Kettlebell Brands (2017) Budget In Mind Hell, Just Pick Up Anything Heavy! Written by Derrick Thomas “Best Kettlebell Brands”: What we’re covering: Competition Style Kettlebell & Russian Style Kettlebells(Inline with keeping it real, the below links are for more buying information & they’re affiliate links! I get a commission if you buy through …

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GORUCK GR1 21L Review

Goruck GR1 21L Review

Remember High School?

I remember rocking a Jansport backpack then that was always stuffed with textbooks and notebooks.

It definitely weighed about 50 pounds.

I also remember the day that the shoulder strap snapped, and I had to lug that backpack around like a baby attached to my belly all day.

Not cool.  

Best battle ropes to buy guide 2017

Best Battle Ropes To Buy for Battling Fat (or Zombies): Our 4 Favorites (2017)

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what I would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse (come on, admit it, you do too).


Where I would go, what I would do, who I would do it with. I imagine I would need to run tirelessly, jump over fences, and save people from hoards.

Then, I think about how I would train for the zombie takeover, and inevitably, my mind wanders to the gym, but I don’t want MRSA (those gym floors are crawling with bacteria, let’s get real).

So: Just move!

Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscle

Start Resisting: A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscle

Gear Best Resistance Bands For Building Muscle: Our 5 Favorites (2017) Written by Toki Tover  “Super set sum up”: Best Resistance bands for the Average Joe/Jane/Beginner/Parent You! Black Mountain Resistance Band Set (Budget/Beginner) Bodylastics Anti-Snap Resistance Band Set (Budget/Beginner) Resistance Band Set (Athletic Series 11 pc.) Master of Muscle Shred Bands (Anit-Snap/Budget) Sport2People Resistance Bands …

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